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Adrenal Valor

  • Use Emotional Transformation tools from the Love Solve Training.
  • Use EFT to release fears and find power.
  • Get tested for Lyme or SIBO.


Enhances courage and relievers fear., Calms the mind and encourages a positive view., Supports a shift into the physical being rather than mental space., Allows one to shed emotional baggage and let go of stress., Encourages a balance between sensitivity and strength., Activates inner power., Strengthens personal resistance., Supports healing from diseases that cause fatigue, such as fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, MS, and Lyme Disease., Balances the adrenal glands., Elicits natural energy., Supports circulation, liver, heart, nervous system and spine., Increases physical resistance.


  • I am balanced in my health.
  • Like a magnet, I attract those who support me on my life’s journey.
  • I am the hero in my life.
  • I am loyal to myself and others.
  • I am both sensitive and resilient.
  • I take care of myself; this allows me to take care of others.
  • I work and play in balance.
  • I have faith in myself and my personal power. I have the power to heal.
  • I let go of what does not serve me.

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