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Anodyne Divine

  • Use EFT diligently – up to 10x/day.
  • Experience a bio-feedback session in person or meta-space to assess and resolve allergen stressors.
  • Take Nettle or other herbs for allergies.


Helps with long-standing negative feelings toward self., Supports personal understanding and self-acceptance., Reduces nail-biting and self-harm., Enhances comfort and being in the here and now both internally and externally., Increases a sense of mercy and grace for self and others., Supports the introvert to get outside., Relieves seasonal allergies., Neutralizes response to pollen, flowers, grasses, trees, shrubs, and molds., Improves the absorption of minerals., Supports bones and skeletal structure., Includes the frequency of Flower Essences for emotional balance.


  • I deserve mercy and grace.
  • I accept myself fully as a a balance of dark and light.
  • I share how I feel.
  • I take deep breaths of cleansing fresh air.
  • I am free to share myself.
  • I recognize my need to cry.
  • I am free to explore.
  • I am in harmony with nature.
  • I understand my own essence. I am inherently good.

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