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CheMental Detox

  • Enjoy a detox bath, ionic foot bath, or foot detox pads.
  • Use internal detoxification protocols to release heavy metals and neurotoxins.
  • Consider Zeolite, Royal Tea or a juice fast.
  • Experience a cleanse.


Enhances visualization., Harmonizes emotional, metal, and spiritual knowledge., Invigorates and recharges the mind., Detoxifies bitterness from physical and emotional levels of being., Re-energizes emotional potential., Clears mental fogginess or chatter., Includes crystal technology to support harmonization at the center of your being., Supports elimination of neurotoxins and chemicals that accumulate from what we put in and on our body., Supports the skin, respiratory system, kidneys, urinary, and lymphatic system as well as other detoxification organs., Attracts the best detoxification tools and processes for you individually.


  • I see my path clearly.
  • I know who I am. I am invigorated.
  • My mind is bright and clear.
  • I filter out those things that don’t belong. I have divine knowing.
  • My mind and body are harmonized.
  • I let go of negativity.
  • My body absorbs those things that allow it to be filled with light.
  • I release what doesn’t serve me.
  • I choose to take in those things that are for my highest good.

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