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Inner Soul-ution

  • Take the Ego Structure Inventory to identify problem areas.
  • Work with a Quantum Practitioner to support a shift in ego-based patterns.


Supports quantum-level, spiritual healing., Addresses blocks within the core personality., Allows insight to dissolve pride, victimization, and self-sabotage., Assists healing of spiritual depression, personality disorders, or imbalanced ego states., replaces self-centeredness with true self-love., Supports healing of gut issues., Provides awareness of unhealthy patterns affecting wellness., Works on the inner being and personality structure using information therapy., Provides what is needed on a quantum level for the spirit to reassign the ego.


  • My self-confidence allows others to feel good about themselves.
  • My spirit is strong and healthy.
  • I trust in God to lead and guide me to truth.
  • I am willing to see the darkness within myself through divine light.
  • My being is ready to make a quantum shift.
  • The true me is worth discovering and uncovering.

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