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  • Experience a bio-feedback session in person or meta-space to assess and resolve allergen stressors.
  • Learn about threats to gut integrity.
  • Use the Elimination Diet outlines in 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry.


Provides empowerment to relieve primal fears, such as death., Promotes positive life choices., Motivates success., Dispels apathy and unlocks emotion., Includes crystal technology to stimulate the body’s natural healing., Heals energetic cellular memory., Restores harmony between bodily systems, including nercous sustem, immunce responcse, and gastrointestinal., Supports relief from hundreds of food allergies, pets, and household allergens., Allows the body to receive nutrients more readily and completely.


  • I have inner strength and integrity.
  • I listen to my body and provide it what it needs.
  • I am discerning with the food I eat and the choices I make.
  • My inner being is in balance.
  • I am motivated to focus on each of my tasks. I am successful.
  • I am empowered to take on life.
  • My life is a choice and I choose it.
  • I am nourished and empowered.

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