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Joy-Full Balance

  • Use with natural solutions for chemical balance found in 10 Ways to Balance Your Brain Chemistry by Cristine Price.


Releases feelings of depression, anxiety, overwhelm or “can’t go on”, Replaces dense emotional states with higher-frequency well-being., Stabilizes mental condition so the person won’t close down, detach, or scatter., Supports the development of healthy self-esteem and feelings of inner worth., Normalizes mood states., Stabilizes limbic system/emotional brain., Supports neuro-pathways and tribune brain communication., Provides the information needed to utilize and generate serotonin., Supports absorption of Vitamin D., Balances the vital body, especially the solar plexus – third chakra., Invites soul input and insight.


  • I find happiness in the simple things of life. Joy is my friend.
  • I am filled with gratitude.
  • I speak freely about my beliefs, feelings, and ideas.
  • I am living a balanced life in grace.
  • Life is a gentle experience of growth. It is safe to be in my body.
  • I like who I am. I’m kind to myself.
  • I am content in the moment while I am being lifted to a better place.

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