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Cranial Clarity

  • Correlate your dental issues with the emotional map of the teeth.
  • Replace amalgam fillings with composites. Check thyroid function.


Works with the emotions connected to the teeth, Supports relief of emotional tension associated with clenching the jaw., Supports Cranio-sacral session results. Balances throat chakra., Balances meridians through teeth., Correlates to the energetic map of the teeth., Encourages healing of the mouth., Relieves illnesses related to the teeth., Supports the jaw relieves TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint)., Supports cranial alignment and thyroid., Encourages balance throughout head and neck regions., Ideal to take before and after dental work is done.


  • My mouth and teeth are healthy.
  • I speak my truth.
  • I let go. I am able to relax.
  • My mind is clear. I allow my head to find relief and peace.
  • I choose to improve my oral habits and see positive results.
  • I like my smile.
  • My smile is a genuine expression of my beauty and attractiveness.
  • My thyroid is healthy and healed.

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