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Face It Lift

  • Take the formula while working with an emotional-release facilitator.
  • Enroll in a Love Solve/Quantum Wholeness Training to address and resolve emotional patterns.


Lifts emotions & supports well-being., Translates life experience., Relieves depression and extreme stress., Supports vitality and empowerment., Releases victim mind-set and supports generational healing., Reactivates the person who experiences resistance or avoidance., Relieves shyness and social anxiety., Restores the ability to see the positive., Supports chemical balance., Relieves geopathic stressors and negative impact from environment or climate., includes the healing properties of essential oils, gems, and Flower Essences., Encourages vital reattachment to life by activating energetic flows.


  • I look for the positive in my life.
  • I have feelings of inner peace and hope. I am empowered.
  • I face my life with optimism and vitality.
  • I choose to take personal responsibility.
  • I have faith and hope in the future.
  • Joy comes as I balance my life.
  • I am created for great things.
  • I feel lifted and supported to make positive changes.

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