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InStill Wellness

  • Take before meeting with a health-practitioner to amplify results.
  • Use with Quantum Wholeness Meditation or other meditative practice.


Creates a sense of emotional empowerment., Restores well-being on all levels., Draws out talents and stimulates creativity., Energizes the heart., Releases inhibitions., Enhances intuition and meditation practices., Allows the soul to express itself., Strengthens and balances meridians., Works on the entire body holistically, especially the endocrine system., Instills harmony in the physical being., Relieves exhaustion., Excellent for relaxation and sleep., Neutralizes side-effects of treatments., Alleviates a healing-crisis., Resets systems to status-quo


  • I am empowered with peace and harmony.
  • I am connected with God and receive inspiration daily.
  • I am fully present in my stillness.
  • I create with my God-given talents.
  • My body is a wonder. I’m a living miracle. Well-being is my birthright.
  • I use my heart to guide me on life’s journey. Energy flows from me.
  • It’s easy to be myself with others.
  • I take time to rest and heal.

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