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Vital Radiance

  • Take while working with energy practitioners or using spiritual tools.
  • Use with essential oils for ample protection and vital body shifts.


Ideal for empaths, especially when sensitive to the emotional energy of others., Provides a mental barrier to support filtering and protection from outside thought fields., Formulated to work specifically with every other formula to enhance results., Take prior to other formulas., Can be used daily or long-term., Provides an energetic shield/protection., Supports healing and sealing of “leaks” or “cracks” in the auric field., Balances and pens the crown chakra – the 7th chakra., Supports the third eye – 6th chakra.


  • I radiate light and truth.
  • My energy field is protected.
  • I am surrounded by positive, fine matter. I’m at a high frequency.
  • My connection to Source is firm. I gravitate to lights.
  • I am protected and watched over.
  • My vital body is strong and healthy.
  • I make choices that allow me to be safe on all levels.
  • Protection comes from my Source and divine love.

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