What Are Frequency Formulas?

In the e-book 4 Bodies: 4 Medicines you will learn about the various layers of the body and corresponding routes of healing. If you want to treat the vital body, you use vital body medicine. If you want to shift the information field, the quantum field, you use information-based or quantum medicine. I learned in my doctoral studies that ‘like cures like,’ a statement first used by Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy in the late 1700s. Homeopathy works with the Vital Body, however, Frequency Formulas ™ work with the Quantum Body.

In March of 2020 I obtained a private label on the set of formulas I’d use to support hundreds of clients in a quantum shift. Frequency Formulas™ support a frequency alignment and ease the process of changing set patterns. The formulas are like libraries that allow the Quantum Body, the fourth body, to get the information it needs.

You may ask what frequencies are used and how are they “housed” in the formulas?  One such example is Rife technology, based on the findings of Royal Rife in the early 1900s.  Sending Rife frequencies to individuals can support major changes in their biology, including healing major disease. Rife technology is available in systems such as quantum bio-feedback, as in L.I.F.E machines. Neutral carriers, like structured water, are placed on the technology pads of such machines where they receive the various frequencies related to a specific purpose.

For example, when I developed Mother’s Hope, I used the L.I.F.E. system to send specific frequencies into the carrier to support emotional bonding, pineal enhancement, and endorphin balance. Using a formula is like having a quantum biofeedback session for the particular purpose of that specific formula. Some formulas contain the information to manage emotional conditions, others support adrenal balance, or help to desensitize allergies. They provide direct information to the systems of the body and they also create an alignment with outside solutions. The formulas don’t replace nutrients, but might support the body with nutrient absorption. They don’t replace doctors or professionals, but might bring clarity to the client and/or practitioner when processing the cause of their condition.

On one end of the healing spectrum, Physical Medicine can provide natural changes through improved habits or health-promoting supplements. Those who understand the true nature of wellness will support the body to reverse disease, aging, and other forms of entropy. However, working from the bottom-up, the physical to the energetic and informational, is not the most efficient design.

On the other end of the spectrum, Quantum Medicine works with a top-down approach, so it leads back to the body, back to the physical. A divine design works that way. In our divine blue print, we can work with epigenetic influences to support healing. Working with the spiritual and informational level provides for amazing efficiency, synchronicity, and a networking capacity that leads to the real solutions.