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Increases patience and acceptance., Balances oversensitivity., Good for people who push themselves too hard, compromising their immune systems., Encourages discipline and reliability., Supports a pragmatic approach to combating anger and stress., Encourages appropriate pace and movement with life, processes, and work., Alleviates illness & fatigue., Increases energy through bodily systems, especially the immune system., Eliminates microbes and prevents illness., Supports a speedy return to wellness., Includes gem technology


  • I have energy to perform what is important.
  • I choose to be peaceful and patient.
  • I trust in divine timing. I wait with faith.
  • I pause and take time to breathe.
  • My day is balanced.
  • I pace myself to be productive, efficient, and relaxed.
  • My personal discipline supports my well-being.
  • My immune system is strong.

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